How Can I Go To Sasan Gir?

You can reach the National forest of Gir by Road, Rail and Air. Just like the many people out there, your heartbeat along with anticipation might be doubling to see lions.

 How Can I Go To Sasan Gir


Step Into The World Of Asiatic Lions

It is this particular feeling that grips a traveler’s attention from across the borders when coming here. By now you may have decided seeking this thrilling experience to be on the game drive. During the drives, you will make it to the roaring wild cat’s realms. Is your mind clouded about how you can reach the place? The write-up has all your worries covered.

The Roadways

The National Park of Gir is connected well with Gujarat’s major cities. There is excellent road linkage between all. You will find various transport services of state bus besides private services available. Also, the condition of the roads is pretty good for undertaking trips. You can reach the place by simply booking a taxi or cab from various state parts that neighbor Gujarat.

The Railways

Veraval and Junagadh are the railways stations that lie nearest to National Park of Gir. Junagadh is about eighty kilometers and Veraval is about seventy two kilometers. Moreover, Railway station of Rajkot is situated at a nearby distance of just one hundred sixty five kilometers. There are major stations operating the trains to country’s major cities. And, of course as has been mentioned, for commuting further, cab services have made travel a lot easier.

By Airways

Closest airport that lies in the proximity of Gir is Keshod. This is located at the distance of seventy kilometers nearly. The other airport is situated at Rajkot which is located at one hundred sixty kilometers. If you are considering the Mumbai route then via Diu, you can reach here. Distance of driving to Sasan from Diu would be two hours almost. After you have reached the airport of Diu, a cab will take you to the national park. Furthermore, you can also choose to reach Airport of Porbandar from Mumbai airport and further book cabs. The duration of the trip would be two and half hours.

Obtaining The Entry Permit

You can obtain the permit of entry at the orientation centre of Sinh Sadan. This is a very well known guest house of the forest department.  It is open usually till eleven am from seven am and till five thirty pm from three pm during evenings. Also, if this is too much of a hassle for you then you can obtain it online from official sites. This way you do not have to stand in the queues. One pass permits six people along with extra charges are added for children between the ages of twelve to three years.

Keep In Mind The Best Times For Visit

Winter is the best time for visiting the place which is between March and December. A pleasant twenty degree Celsius temperature is considered the most ideal for conducting various activities. These include safari of the park and a lot more. Book the most memorable holiday to Sasan Gir, inclusive of sightseeing, cabs, resorts and airport transfers! Browse through our wide range of Gir Jeep Safari Packages with accommodation. Best pricing available for Gir Hotels & Resorts.

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