Some Incredible Hotels and Resorts You Can Consider Booking While Touring Corbett Park

The Golden Tusk in Ramnagar, Acorn Hideaway,Maulik Mansion, Clarissa Resort these are some incredible hotels and resorts you can consider booking while touring Corbett Park.


The Jim Corbett National Park has an enigma associated to it. You might have read about its eventful history in books and blogs. Touring the National Park is undoubtedly a hugely satisfying and engrossing experience. It becomes spine-chilling when you notice the wrathful eyes or the muscular movement of the tiger, in the bushes, during a safari.

Now, it would be a mistake if you begin to search for ‘hotels near me’ after you reach the Park. The wiser measure is online booking of cheap hotel rooms, utilizing the resources of a good booking website. This blogs tries to point out a few cozy and affordable accommodations in the buffer zone of the Park.

The Golden Tusk in Ramnagar

The resort is not very far away from Corbett Park. You would be completely enamored by the sheer class of services available in this refined yet Cheap Hotel. The staffs are very helpful. The rooms are impeccably maintained. You would also become impressed by the intricate aesthetics of the interiors. Staying at this resort would certainly add value to your trip to Corbett. The accommodation has a charm of its own.

Acorn Hideaway

The Acorn Hideaway is yet another hotel near the National Park in Corbett. It is guaranteed that you would be immersed in the flawless beauty of the surroundings of the hotel. It has a swimming pool in its premises. Each and every room is well-equipped with a host of modern amenities. The delicious range of food items here would also highly impress you with its exotic elements. The luxury resort has world-class spa facilities. 

Maulik Mansion

The appearance of Maulik Mansion is straight from a Hollywood screenshot – it is so lovely and majestic! The spacious rooms and lavish outdoors would definitely put a satisfying and relaxed smile on your face. You are going to love the serenity here. All through the day, you would listen to the chirping of birds, adorning the atmosphere with sweet melodies. Try to keep this resort on top priority when you plan to visit the Corbett National Park.

Clarissa Resort

When you want the purest form of luxury while touring Corbett Park, it is an intelligent idea to do online booking of Clarissa Resort, as it is considered to be the epitome of elite living in the region, by several experienced tourists. On the other hand, the rates are not intimidating. You would be easily managing the tour budget.

The Jungle Treasure Resort

It is quite impossible to ignore the magnetic charm of The Jungle Treasure Resort when you are planning a tour of Jim Corbett National Park. The booking services are available at attractive rates. The rooms are clean and aesthetically designed. They are spacious and airy. The staffs are very friendly. You would certainly relish your stay at this place.

Simply select a hotel and reserve your room

All you have to do is digging through the list of hotels, select one of them and reserve a suitable room, on a top-tier booking platform. 

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