Which Is The Best Time To Visit Gir National Park?

The best time to explore Gir is in winter, between December and March as the weather remains pleasant and enjoyable. Summer is also a favored season, particularly for wildlife photography.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Gir National Park?

The Call Of The Wild

The Gir National Park is the sole shelter of the Asiatic Lions in the entire world. The sanctuary remains closed from sixteenth of June to the fifteenth of October each year. The renowned Gir National Park of India has been the go-to place for adventurers and thrill-seekers for a long time. It covers an area of over fourteen hundred square kilometers. The ground occupied by the park encompasses the Junagadh district of Saurashtra region of Gujarat. It can get pretty hot between April and May. However, those two months are also suitable for wildlife photography and exploration.

Not Just Lions

Whenever someone mentions Gir, you think about the king of the jungle prowling the area. Gir isn’t home to only the Asiatic Lions, which also happens to be the most endangered species in the world. The stable ecosystem of Gir developed and flourished due to the richness of its biodiversity. There are over six hundred species of plants, above thirty species of mammals, and over three hundred species of birds. Insects also abound in the forests of Gir and amount to over two thousand species. One can safely say that Gir is an entire planet in itself. Numerous researchers and wildlife enthusiasts come to explore Gir. After all, it is the only place, other than Africa, where lions exist undisturbed.

How To Get There

The location of Gir is about sixty-five kilometers away from Junagadh. The distance of Gir from Veraval railhead is about forty kilometers. Reaching Gir from Ahmedabad via road or rail is easy. However, it is best if you take the roadway to Gir from Ahmadabad. You won’t need more than seven hours to get there. Keshod and Rajkot are the airports which are closest to Sasan Gir. Keshod is about thirty-eight kilometers away from Gir. Both the airports have flights to Mumbai at regular intervals. As mentioned earlier, the park remains closed from the sixteen of June to the fifteenth of October. So, plan your trip accordingly.

The Best Season

The summer season lasts between March and May, and the weather remains extremely humid and hot then.The temperature ranges somewhere between twenty-eight and forty-two-degree centigrade. The weather conditions may not be too enjoyable for tourists. Monsoon begins in June and continues until October. It is when the animals get the much-needed respite from the heat. However, they prefer staying in shaded areas to avoid getting drenched. The rainy and muddy conditions make it impossible for conducting safari tours. Therefore, the best season to go an adventure to Gir is the winter. The temperature in winter ranges between ten and twenty-two-degree centigrade.

Where To Stay

Finding a place to stay in the Gir Forest Reserve isn’t something to worry about. There are more than enough options for a laidback stay. Accommodation choices include budget to luxury hotels and everything in between. The forest department maintains and runs a couple of lodges. One is known as the Sinh Sadan Forest Lodge, and the other is Gir Lodge. Several other private lodges exist in the peripheral regions of the Gir National Park. Browse through our wide range of Gir Jeep Safari Packages with accommodation. Best pricing available for Gir Hotels & Resorts.

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