Prime Safari lodges, River Hotels and Jungle Camps in and around Panna National Park

With an approximate core area of 543 km sq. Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh is today considered to be one of the most exciting forest areas in India. It is a lovely Tiger Reserve, which provides you with several opportunities to get glimpses of the Royal Beast, besides frequently hearing its spine-chilling roars.


Staying In And Around The Panna

Planning a trip to a National Park obviously takes into account the housing and lodging aspects. You would be more than glad to know that there are some exquisitely refined staying options in Panna National Park, nicely tailored for your budget. 

If your budget is not generous, you might choose a Jungle Camp. On the other hand, if you are not worried about lodging costs, then you might prefer to spend a couple of nights at Palatial Hotels. Some of the lodging options are discussed in a nutshell in following points.

The MPT Jungle Camp

It is one of the most captivating hotels you can choose to stay a bit far away from the Park. The distance of the Camp is about 43 km from the core National Park. But, the lodging provides you a refined flavor of camping, loaded with all kinds of modern amenities. Each of the rooms has a kettle fitted, so the tourist does not have any problem to prepare and sip through a warm cup full of tea or coffee. 

The interiors of the camp rooms are intricately designed, with a high standard of aesthetics. It is merely 22 km from the Khajuraho Airport. The rates are affordable and friendly to your pockets. 

Pashangarh Safari Lodge

The lodge is a luxury hotel where you would relish living to the fullest extent. You can book the suites on online platforms in advance.  Each of the spacious suites has a private balcony, and also an impressive gazebo. The Safari Lodge also has a world-class restaurant where you can taste a wide range of delectable dishes. 

Pashangarh Lodge has a swimming pool and top-rated bar facilities. Another value-added feature of the Safari Lodge is you can, as a customer, use the bicycles parked at its yard, free of costs. You might cycle around to know the place from close quarters. But, it is not recommended to cycle during nighttime. 

Ken River Lodge

If you want to get immersed in fabulously scenic and scintillating views, then ensure advance booking of rooms at the classy and elegant Ken River Lodge. It is a luxury resort that adds a refined rustic feel with an aesthetic blend of touring a National Park, besides providing the ultimate comfort in living. Located at the banks of the Ken River, the lodge or the resort is the epitome of the highest standard of lifestyle for tourists and travel enthusiasts from all corners of the world. 

Respond To The Call Of Panna 

The Panna National Park, with all its beautiful attributes and rich wildlife, welcomes you to get engrossed in its captivating charm.

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