Preparing yourself for a fascinating Bandhavgarh National Park Safari

These things you need to keep in your mind before you are planning for Bandhavgarh National Park Safari.

Bandhavgarh National Park Safari

Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most reputable forest reserves in India, with a wide spectrum of flora and fauna. It attracts thousands of tourists each year from various parts of the country, and also a considerable number of foreigners. You might be wildlife photographer, a regular traveler or a new enthusiast, but the point is, when you plan on a notebook the itinerary of a safari tour in Bandhavgarh, there are some crucial aspects on which you must lay stress, as precisely discussed below.

Booking a hotel is must

In order to enjoy the trip to the fullest extent, it is extremely important to do an advanced booking of your hotel room. The accommodation could be in a cottage, a resort or a simple hotel room, but you need to ensure through online booking that you don’t have to roam here and there after you reach the destination. Rely on the features of a reliable hotel booking site, explore the list of hotels, choose one of those, fill the requirements, do online payment and stay more confident about a successful safari tour. Try to book a hotel that is near to one of the entrances of the Park. 

The park remains closed during monsoon

Don’t try to plan the trip in months of June till September. The Park is not open to tourists during this period. Bandhavgarh receives heavy showers in these 4 months. It is practically not viable to explore the park when it is incessantly raining. The authorities decide to keep the Park gates closed to the wildlife enthusiasts. The best time to visit the Park is arguably during April. The weather would be hot. On the flip side, there would be lesser crowd. More importantly, the chances of a tiger sighting would increase manifold, as the royal beast frequent the water-bodies during summer days. 

Winters are very cold

You might underestimate the weather conditions of Bandhavgarh during winter season, as it is located in Madhya Pradesh. But the fact is, the forest area becomes tremendously cold in December and January. You would need a wooly or leather cover to protect yourself against the chilling breeze. The temperatures could drop even below 5 degree Celsius in some regions within the Park! Take the requisite measures to shield yourself against the winter when you are traveling to Bandhavgarh in December and January. 

The safari is an open jeep tour

Keep in mind that the safari would be conducted in an open jeep. There would be trained driver and experienced forest guide with a small group of tourists in every jeep. It is mandatory to follow the instructions of the government-recruited guide. Also, if you are in the notion that the guide carries a gun for protecting the tourists against wild beasts, then you are wrong! There is no such system in place in Bandhavgarh National Park. 

Consider Bandhavgarh in your next travel plan

Now that you are aware of the major points to note in a Bandhavgarh tour, you would have absolutely no problem in planning the tour.

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