Madhya Pradesh has some of the best National Parks for safari lovers

When you are planning to invest in a safari tour, one of the wisest decisions you can take in selecting Madhya Pradesh as you destination state. It has a prolific range of different National Parks and Tiger Reserves, which convincingly satiate your thirst for an intriguing wildlife exploration. Some of the top National Parks you can target are mentioned as following.


Kanha National Park

It is undoubtedly one of the most efficiently managed National Parks in India. It beautiful landscapes, with rich spectrum of several species of flora and fauna, attract thousands of tourists each year. If you are aiming for a gripping and memorable Tiger safari in Madhya Pradesh, then Kanha should be right at the top of the priority list. Read More

Bandhavgarh National Park

Doing an online booking for safari packages in Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most intelligent ways to assure a thrilling experience of tiger sighting, as the probability to witness the royal animal is very high in this lovely National Park. You would, in fact get several opportunities to witness the majestic beat, either relaxing or casually strolling in the terrains. Read More

Panna National Park

In the long list of illustrious National Parks in Madhya Pradesh, Panna has a high status. The immense variety of plants and animals in the Park is bound to win your heart. Besides enjoying a safari on an open Jeep, you also have the scope to experience a safari on an elephant-top. You can visit various other interesting tourist spots in the vicinity of Panna, for example the Ghariyal Sanctuary, Ajaygarh Fort, etc.

Satpura National Park

This is yet another wonderful National Park that provides you a pristine view of nature, at every step. As a wildlife buff, you need to plan an extensive tour for the Park. Getting a glimpse of a tiger is the top priority, obviously. Besides, you could witness a large number of avian species. The captivating landscapes of the Park with serene hills and rugged terrains would surely impress you and kindle your adventurous spirits.

Madhav National Park

In order to appreciate the impeccable lush greenery, exotic fauna species, and architectural magnificence of a Natural Park, you should make it a mandatory to visit the famous Madhav National Park. There are lots of pools and huge water tanks in the Park, too, which make it easy to get a glimpse of the big cat, especially in dry seasons. Read More

Sanjay National Park

Doing an advanced booking of a safari package for Sanjay National Park is a wise decision, too, especially when you want something affordable yet thoroughly enjoyable. The Park falls under the area of ‘Sanjay Dubri Tiger Reserve’. The Reserve also boasts of leopards. Besides the usual exploration, you can also go for short boating sessions, and nature walks, to imbibe the raw, mystic essence of the forests.

Plan With A Determined Intent

In order to nurture your aspirations for wildlife exploration, you should plan strategically, seeking support from a reliable online booking platform that matches your interests.

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