How To Reach Gir National Park From Pune?

There are three ways to reach the Gir National Park from Pune. You can avail any mode of transportation to reach Gir Forest Reserve. You can take your private vehicle, or ride a train or an airplane.

How To Reach Gir National Park From Pune

Details On Commutation

If you prefer driving, then you can travel along the NH 48. It will take you around seventeen hours and forty-two minutes. The other two transportation modes are the train and the airplane. Approaching the Gir National Park isn’t an issue at all. It is also easily accessible to foreign tourists. Foreigners have to fly to the Mumbai International Airport and board another flight to Diu or Rajkot. You too can do the same if you are on a short leash. Trains are also readily available from Pune to Ahmadabad. From there you will have to change and travel to Junagadh.

By Rail

The two railways stations, Veraval and Junagadh, are the closest to the Gir National Park. Regardless of which station you get off at, you have to travel the same distance from either one. Besides, if you can get to the state of Gujarat, you can avail trains to either Junagadh or Veraval. Trains destined for these stations are available from any major city in Gujarat. After reaching the station, you can take a cab or a taxi to the wildlife reserve. It will take you around an hour-and-a-half to two to get to Sasan Gir. Another relatively close railway station is at Rajkot. However, you have to travel a longer distance from Rajkot to reach Gir.

By Road

Traveling in a personal car has always been the fascination of people, especially the younger generation. The conditions of the streets of Gujarat make it a better option than the railway or airway. There is nothing to see except the clouds through the window of a jet. Long hours of sitting inside a train compartment and staring at the bleak landscape can also get boring. Vehicles are much more comfortable as you can stop whenever you need. You can get something to eat or drink along the way. It is also possible to make a few extra stops on tourist spots along the way to Gir.

By Air

The final option can be relatively costly, but it is also the fastest way to travel to Gir. The nearest airports are at Keshod and Rajkot. You have to hire a cab and ride for a hundred and sixty kilometers if you get off at Rajkot. Keshod is much closer, and you won’t have to travel more than seventy kilometers to reach Gir. Once you arrive at either of the airports, take a cab or a bus to complete the rest of the journey. There will be plenty of private as well as government buses plying between Sasan Gir and the airports. As already said before, the Mumbai International airport is the best place to land for foreign tourists. Then can board a flight to Diu or Porbandar from there. Cabs, taxis, private vehicles are always present at the airport.

The Only Place

Yes, the Asiatic Lions have only one place in the world that they consider as their home. The Gir National Park has the privilege of sheltering these magnificent beasts. The national park attracts tourists from all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of wildlife enthusiasts and adventure freaks frequent Gir National Park. If you’re a first-time visitor, then you must know a couple of things. The park closes down during the monsoon season, starting from the sixteenth of June to the fifteenth of October. You won’t get the chance to walk around inside the park as it can prove dangerous. The Lions don’t attack human beings, but you shouldn’t give them any such opportunity. Browse through our wide range of Gir Jeep Safari Packages with accommodation. Best pricing available for Gir Hotels & Resorts.

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