How To Reach Gir National Park From Bangalore?

You can choose to board a flight from Bangalore to Ahmedabad for reaching Gir, hiring a car further on.

How To Reach Gir National Park From Bangalore

Covering The Distance Till Rajkot

The distance of driving between Sasan Gir and Bangalore is about seventeen hundred fifty four kilometers. Therefore, the cheapest option is reaching Gir is by taking the Vivek Express till Rajkot from Bangalore. Later, a car can be hired to reach Gir from Rajkot.

A Cheaper Option

One of the cheapest ways for getting to Gir from Bengaluru is to take a taxi and bus. It may take four thousand two hundred to three thousand one hundred rupees for the trip. The duration of the entire journey is thirty eight hours fifty two minutes.

Fastest Way

One of the quickest ways of reaching Gir from Bengaluru has to be boarding a flight. The taxi and flight expense can amount to seven thousand and more. You can be expected to shell out anything between twenty six to twenty seven thousands. Entire trip duration is seven hours fifty four minutes.

How Far Is Gir From Bengaluru?

Distance between Gir and Bengaluru is one thousand sixty kilometers. Road distance is close to seventeen hundred fifty kilometers.

Is It Possible To Travel Without Car?

The best way for getting to Bengaluru from Gir forest without car is using the taxi and bus. Duration would be close to thirty nine kilometers. You may have to spend three thousand to four thousand two hundred rupees.

How Long Can It Take?

It can take seven hours fifty four minutes to reach Gir from Bengaluru that is inclusive of transfers.

How Long Can The Flight Take?

There are no direct flights that fly between Gir and Bengaluru. Due to absence of flights, you can board a flight to Diu airport from Bangalore. If you take the quickest flight then the duration would be about four hours ten minutes with just one stopover.

Is Driving Personally An Option?

Yes, if you are a long drive enthusiast then you will love to cover the distance of one thousand seven hundred forty eight kilometers. It usually takes thirty hours thirty eight minutes to complete the entire journey till Gir from Bengaluru.

What Airlines Can Be Booked?

You must opt for those airlines that take you to the airport of Diu from Bengaluru. For instance, Indigo, Air India and Helitrans are great options.

Alternate Options To Travel

To reach the Benguluru airport or the international airport of Kempegowda is to take a bus or taxi. Bus would charge anything between fifty to twenty four rupees. After taking the walk to the airport you can fly to Diu and then further hire a can to reach Gir. You can also take a flight to Rajkot and from there further hire a cab to reach Gir.

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