How Can I Go To Gir National Park?

You can reach the National Park of Gir by availing all means of transport. This means you can use airways, railways and the roadways.

How Can I Go To Gir National Park

The Count Of Lions

It all depends from which part of the country you would pay a visit. The place has attracted droves of trippers and visitors for seeing the Asiatic lions living in their natural habitat. Once, they almost were on the verge of extinction. They have been listed as the critically endangered species. But, because of several efforts at conserving them well, the count has slowly climbed up.

Location Of The Park

The National Park of Gir is situated on Gujarat’s state’s Southwest part. This lies about three hundred sixty kilometers from the city of Ahmedabad. From Veraval it is forty kilometers only. The inland of the area forms Diu’s beaches. Entrance is located at the village of Sasan Gir. It is also the orientation and park’s reception center. The GIA or the Interpretation zone of Gir is also present here and it is called the Safari Park of Devalia. It lies twelve kilometers to the village’s west, at Devalia. It is an area that is enclosed containing wildlife that includes lions. Bus is known to take the visitors on forty to thirty minute tour.

Getting There

The nearest Airport and that too the principal one has to be the Ahmedabad one. This is about seven hours from the Gir forest. Smaller Airport located in Rajkot that is three hours far is another nearest airport. You can reach the place from another airport located at Dui which is only two hours away. Nearest railways station is that of Junagadh’s and most common way of approaching the Park is through this. Railway station receives the trains from Rajkot, Ahmedabad and principal cities interstate. From Junagadh it takes only one and half hours via roads. If you come through Veraval then total time duration would be one hour.

Public Buses Are A Convenient Option

If you have no intentions of boarding taxis then you can board public buses that run regularly for Sasan Gir. They depart during broad daylight. Alternatively, most people often prefer taking private buses to the forest of Gir from Ahmedabad. You will be dropped right near the reception center and guesthouse. Hence, nothing gets more convenient than trains, journey duration is seven hours. Buses can easily be arranged from a private stand of bus near Paldi stop. You need not make any advance bookings.

Safari Times And Opening Hours

The National Park of Gir is open until the mid of June right from the middle of October. There are three-hour trail jungle jeep safaris each day inside the park. They begin at three pm, nine am and six thirty am. Safari Park of Devalia is open all the year round, till Tuesday from Thursday. On Wednesdays, Park is closed.


Visitors have to obtain the e-permits that grant access to the Jungle trail after entering The Park. It is issued for each vehicle that can have six occupants. Cost is dependent on the visit day, major holidays and weekends. On holidays the rates are expensive. Browse through our wide range of Gir Jeep Safari Packages with accommodation. Best pricing available for Gir Hotels & Resorts.

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