Exciting things you can do in and around Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore in Rajasthan is hailed as one of the most incredibly intriguing Tiger Reserves in India, nowadays termed as ‘Tiger Nursery’ by enthusiastic wildlife experts. You have the scope to get involved in a host of interesting activities in your safari tour, imbibing the raw beauty of the Park.


Framing And Capturing The Royal Beast

Without any speck of doubt, the topmost priority of visiting Ranthambore is having a ‘tete-e-tete’ with tigers, for whom the Park and Reserve is know. Tiger sighting is not hundred percent guaranteed, but when you strategically target the dry seasons, there are high chances of catching more than a glimpse, beside water tanks and pools. A high-definition camera is a must-have apparatus if you want to capture each pore of the black and gold gripping magnificence of the beast

Experiencing The Safari On An Open-Hooded Jeep

This is of course one of the prime attractions of exploring Ranthambore. A tiger safari on an open Jeep is extremely engrossing, rejuvenating the adventurous spirits in your soul. There are also several other species of big mammals in the Park, which are clearly visible from a safe distance when you are on an open-hooded safari Jeep. There will be an expert guide with you on every occasion. 

Documenting The Avian Species

Ranthambore, by all practical perspectives, is not merely about the Tiger. There are more than 250 species of birds in the Park. If you are keen on bird-watching, then the Reserve would provide you the perfect refuge. It is a natural habitat for wide range of species, of various hues, varieties, feather patterns, and signature melodies. From grey hornbills to nightjars, you would really love to photograph the birds and document their behaviour in the tour. 

Witnessing The Mystic Ranthambore Fort

When visiting Ranthambore, one can never afford to overlook the imposing and mystic Fort right in the middle of the dense forest. It is a highly significant architecture from the famous Chauhan Dynasty that ruled these areas of Rajasthan many centuries ago. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admiring the intricate details of its architectural splendor would refresh your mind, and expand your horizon as a tourist. 

A Trip To Kachida Valley

In the outskirts of the Park, there is a group of jagged hills and jungle patches, known altogether as Kachida Valley. The view of the Park from atop one of the hills enamors your heart. Keep in mind that you could enter bears and leopards in these hilly areas. It is very important to have an experienced guide in the lead. 

Visiting The Natural History Museum 

It is delightful to know that the buffer zone of the Park boasts off a wonderful Natural History Museum – the fourth of its kind in the whole country. It is spread across roughly 7 acres of plot. It is an excellent place if you are eager to learn about natural history, biodiversity and local art of the place. 

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