The main 3 Core Zones for Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari are as follows

Tala – Where the vast Chakradhar meadow gives way to the rocky hill topped by Bandhavgarh Fort. Halfway uphill, in a grove at the source of the Charanganga River, lies the statue of Reclining lord Vishnu.

Magadhi – Another beautiful zone with mountains and meadows. Magadhi has surpassed the “star” zone of Tala for tiger sightings recently.

Khitauli – One of the beautiful zone of the bandhavgarh forest and has a great sighting of The Tigerress with cubs, leopards and sloth bears.

The main 3 Buffer Zones for Bandhavgarh Jungle Safari are as follows

Panpatha – This is a bit far from Tala gate, where all the resorts are located, offers dhole (wild dog) sightings, along with the KING.

Dhamokhar – Famous for wildlife sightings. A partial plain area of the forest is famous for Leopard and Sloth bear sightings. Arjun chad is the center point of the forest to have breakfast and feel the freshness of the lemon trees.

Johila – 2 main waterfalls are there, which helps in maintaining the water level of the forest during the summers. Also takes care of the thirst of the wildlife of the forest. Cechpur waterfall is renowned in the area. This is birdwatchers paradise, the presence of migratory and residential birds are witnessed all round the year due to the availability of the water and the flora of the forest.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Charges/Cost/Price

Safari Zone Particulars Safari Charges
Indian Foreigners
Core Zones Up To 6 adults & 1 child INR 8,000 INR 12,000
Buffer Zones Up To 6 adults & 1 child INR 7,500 INR 11,500
Sharing Basis Per Person INR 800 INR 1200

Note: In one E-permit maximum of 6 persons (plus one child below 5 years) are allowed.


  • At the time of entry please carry updated print out of your entry permit also ensure that the QR Code on your permit is not distorted as this QR Code will be scanned for verification.
  • It is compulsory to take authorized park guide with every safari vehicle. Obey the park guide.
  • Please don't get down from the vehicle, until advised by the park guide.
  • To carry and use of Tobacco items, Inflammable articles etc. is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Use of and to carry alcohol, and entering in intoxicated condition is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • To carry arms-ammunition and explosives etc. inside the protected area is prohibited. 
  • Use of polythene is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Littering is prohibited inside the protected area
  • To carry pet inside the protected area is prohibited.
  • Creating noises by the use of transistor tape-record or blowing horn or similar equipment is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Except photography, any other use of mobile phone is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Lifting of any forest produce plants or animal article inside the protected area is prohibited.
  • Teasing of wild animals, feeding them or chasing them is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • To ensure the safety of wild animal's speed limit of 20 kmph is decided for the tourist vehicles. In case of speeding please inform to the park management
  • Maintain silence and discipline during safari. Misconduct, Indiscipline or shouting is prohibited inside the protected area.
  • Follow the provisions of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, M.P. Wildlife (Protection) Rules 1974 and the rules imposed by local management.
  • Before entering the Protected Area must read the information/ instructions displayed on the signage's at the entry gate and follow them.
  • No separate seat will be provide for children below 5 years in single-seat Permits.
  • All protected areas will remain closed for tourism and videography/filming/photography on the Government 
  • holidays of Dipawali and Holi. Permits if booked on these dates due to any calendar issues shall be cancelled with a full refund excluding MPOnline Portal service fee. 
  • Permits booked in advance by the user if cancel by them or any waiting permit is being canceled by the system there will be cancellation fees charged by MPOnline which will be adjusted from the amount paid by the Customer and such fees will not be refunded. 

Things not supposed to do in Bandhavgarh National Park

  • Do not litter.
  • Do not feed animals.
  • Do not carry pets.
  • No honking.
  • Do not take away flora & fauna in the form of cuttings, seeds or roots.
  • Plastic or items made up of plastic are prohibited in the forest area.
  • No trespassing in the forest area.
  • Do not alight from the vehicle.
  • Do not use spotlights or searchlights.
  • Do not disturb or tease wildlife.
  • Avoid playing any kind of musical instrument.
  • Smoking & liquor are strictly prohibited.
  • Do not carry weapons or explosives inside the Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Park and Sanctuary.
  • Do not be disappointed if you don’t see a big cat – cherish the beauty of the landscape and other wildlife.

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Core Zone & Entry Gate

Zone Round Entry Gates for Full Vehicle Entry Gates for Single Seat
Khitauli Morning & Evening Khitauli Tala
Magadhi Morning & Evening Magadhi Tala
Tala Morning & Evening Tala Tala

Note: Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve Gypsy Safari remains closed from 30th June to 30th September

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari Buffer Zone & Entry Gate

Zone Round Entry Gates for Full Vehicle Entry Gates for Single Seat
Dhamokhar Morning & Evening Parasi Parasi
Johila Morning & Evening Cechpur/Gajwahi Cechpur/Gajwahi
Panpatha Morning & Evening Pachpedi Pachpedi

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  • Permit Charges
  • Guide Charges
  • Gypsy & Driver Charges
  • Representative Charges
  • Booking Charges
  • Pick up and drop facilities from the hotel
  • All taxes

  • Local Sightseeing Fare
  • Bus, Train, and Flights Fare
  • Accommodation
  • Food

  • The user may cancel his/her ticket and may get 75%, 50%, 25%, and 0% refund of the booking amount if the user cancels the ticket within 120 - 30 days, 30 - 15 days, 15 - 2 days, and less than 2 days from the date of booking respectively. The days mentioned in the cancellation policy include the date of the booking.
  • Safari gets canceled in case of the late arrival of visitors and no refund will be given.
  • The visitor or his/her representative must be ready at least 30 minutes prior to the safari entry time.
  • The charges deposited during online booking include tourist entry fee, tiger reserve development fund, vehicle entry fee, vehicle rent, guide fees, and online booking charges and applicable taxes.
  • The Tiger Reserve Management reserves the right to change the zone booked online at any time or close any zone in the interest of wildlife.
  • Due to some local conditions, the officer-in-charge of the protected area may change the entry/exit timings for a day/duration, please enquire about any such changes at Entry Gate.
  • This is a legal entry permit issued as per Rule 34 of Wildlife (Protection) (Madhya Pradesh) Rules, 1974 under
  • Section 28 (1) (d) of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. This entry permit is individual, non-transferable and 
  • valid for entry for the period mentioned in it.
  • The Permit is issued to the individual and non-transferable. 
  • Indian Nationals must carry any one of the identity card (Driving license, Passport, Pan Card, 
  • Employee/Student Card, Central/State Govt. Issued Card, Aadhar Card) during the park safari and Foreign Nationals must carry their passports during the park safari. The same has to be produced on demand by the park officials.
  • Full vehicle permit holders tourists, may arrive till one hour (Morning)/ Half an hour (Evening) from the park entry time. After this, entry permit will not be valid and no refund will be given.Tourist have to show their permits and ID card at the gate .If they fail to arrive by this time, their permit will be considered automatically cancelled and no refund will be given for such permits. Such permit will be available for booking as single seat permit at the entry gate. For such available permits tourists may enter the park up till next 30 minutes. Other than the condition when the permit is issued after pre-booked permit holder failed to arrive on time, generally tourist should not be allowed one hour after the park entry time.
  • Single seat permit holder tourist must report at the entry gate half an hour before the entry time mentioned on the permit. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation of the permit and no refund will be given 
  • in such case. 
  • For Add-On Permits, first two tourists on whose names were permit were booked have to be present during 
  • park visit otherwise the permit will be consider cancelled. 
  • Full Vehicle Permit: The paid fee is for entry permit. The guide fee and the vehicle charges, will be payable 
  • before the safari entry at the gate. 
  • Single Seat Permit: Single seat permit holder tourist shall, in addition to the permit fee, have to pay for the 
  • vehicle and the guide, at the time of entry inside the park. The total hire charges for the guide and Safari vehicle will be distributed equally among the tourists present in the vehicle and payable at the time of entry.
  • Tourists are visiting in the Protected Areas at their own risk and Govt. of Madhya Pradesh or its employees shall not be responsible for any loss of life or of property or disability resulting from any accident or incident 
  • within the Protected Areas/Tourism Zones.
  • Any disputes arising out of online bookings shall be subject to the jurisdiction of State of Madhya Pradesh. 

Rs 8,000*

Per Safari

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